One Sport Can Become a Chore

If your child was of the age to play sports, would you push them to only play your favorite sport? Would you give the child a variety to choose from? Today we are seeing many parents who want to put their child in one sport because they feel like this gives their child a better chance to succeed in youth sports and up until high school and college.

Changing the Game Project, has a great post on this subject. A child is more likely to be worn out if they play one sport and more susceptible to an overuse injury. Their body is not ready for the demand of a year round sport, but rather to be introduced to multiple sports throughout the year. According to Changing the Game Project, the best time to focus on one sport, if the teen wants to, would be between the ages of 16 to 20 years of age. But some activity should be spent away from the main sport as well.

Children put into one sport at an early age can become bored and dissatisfied with the demand of a year round sport, especially if it is not their top choice. Mark Marinello, a youth soccer coach, said it is best to try different sports to determine which is the child’s favorite. Most parents can probably see their child bored with a sport at practice or on the ride home from practice.

What are your thoughts?


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